1. Refer to the exhibit
Based on this FIB table, which statement is correct?

Refer to the exhibit.

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A network administrator checks this adjacency table on a router. What is a possible cause for the incomplete marking?

3. Which switching method is used when entries are present in the output of the command show ip cache?
4. How does an IOS router process a packet that should be switched by Cisco Express Forwarding without an FIB entry?
5. At which layer does Cisco Express Forwarding use adjacency tables to populate addressing information?
6. A network administrator creates a static route that points directly to a multi-access interface, instead of the next-hop IP address. The administrator notices that Cisco Express Forwarding ARP requests are being sent to all destinations. Which issue might this configuration create?
7. Refer to exhibit. What is indicated by the show ip cef command for an address?
8. Which Cisco Express Forwarding component maintains Layer 2 addressing information?
9. IP CEF load-sharing options (Choose three)