Distribute List

Question 1

Refer to the exhibit.

Which one statement is true?

A. Traffic from the network will be blocked by the ACL.
B. The network will not be advertised by Router B because the network statement for the network is missing from Router B.
C. The network will not be in the routing table on Router B.
D. Users on the network can successfully ping users on the network, but users on the cannot successfully ping users on the network.
E. Router B will not advertise the network because it is blocked by the ACL.

Answer: E

Question 2

Refer to the exhibit

access-list 1 permit
access-list 2 permit
router rip

Which command only announces the network out of FastEthernet0/0?

A. distribute list 1 out
B. distribute list 1 out FastEthernet0/0
C. distribute list 2 out
D. distribute list 2 out FastEthernet0/0

Answer: D

A distribute list is used to filter routing updates either coming to or leaving from our router. In this case, the “out” keyword specifies we want to filter traffic leaving from our router. Access-list 2 indicates only routing update for network is allowed (notice that every access-list always has an implicit “deny all” at the end).

Question 3

Which command prevents routers from sending routing updates through a router interface?

A. default-metric 0
B. distribute-list in
C. passive-interface
D. distribute-list out

Answer: C

To prevent routing updates through a specified interface, use the passive-interface type number command in router configuration mode.