1. Which protocol uses dynamic address mapping to request the next-hop protocol address for a specific connection?
2. What is the default OSPF hello interval on a Frame Relay point-to-point network?
3. A company has their headquarters located in a large city with a T3 frame relay link that connects 30 remote locations that each have T1 frame relay connections. Which technology must be configured to prevent remote sites from getting overwhelmed with traffic and prevent packet drops from the headquarters?
4. On which two types of interface is Frame Relay switching supported? (Choose two)
5. In which two ways can split horizon issues be overcome in a Frame Relay network environment? (choose two)
6. Refer to the exhibit.
Router 1 cannot ping router 2 via the Frame Relay between them. Which two statements describe the problems? (Chooses two)
7. How should a router that is being used in a Frame Relay network be configured to keep split horizon issues from preventing routing updates?
8. Which value does Frame Relay use to identify a connection between a DTE and DCE?
9. Which two statements about configuring Frame Relay point-to-multipoint connections are true? (Choose two)
10. Which two statements about Frame Relay LMI autosense are true on a router? (Choose two)