1. Your company uses Voice over IP (VoIP). The system sends UDP datagrams containing the voice data between communicating hosts. When areas of the network become busy, some of the datagrams arrive at their destination out of order. What happens when this occurs?
2. A network engineer applies the command “ip tcp adjust-mss” under interface configuration mode. What is the result?
3. Which option is one way to mitigate asymmetric routing on an active/active firewall setup for TCP-based connections?
4. Which problem can be caused by latency on a UDP stream?
5. What show command is used here?
TCB Local Address Foreign Address (state)6523A4FC ESTAB65239A84 ESTAB653FCBBC *.1723 *.* LISTEN
6. Congestion in the network. What is the effect on UDP?
7. Which two protocols can cause TCP starvation? (Choose two)