1. Which statement about using native VLANs to carry untagged frames is true?
2. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which configuration ensures that the Cisco Discovery Protocol packet update frequency sent from DSW1 to ALS1 is half of the default value? 
3. Which two statements apply to LLDP?
4. Which two statements about CDP are true? (Choose two)
5. Which two statements about frame LLDP is true?
6. Which information does CDP supply from connected devices? (Choose three)
7. Which option lists the information that is contained in a Cisco Discovery Protocol advertisement?
8. What feature carries information about the Voice VLAN to a Cisco Phone?
9. Which two pieces of information are carried in a Cisco Discovery Protocol advertisement? (Choose two)
10. Which two settings are part of a default LLDP configuration? (Choose two)