Question 1Exhibit that shows a trunk interface configuration with the following configuration:

switchport trunk allowed vlan 81-97,99-121

How can you remove vlan 100 from the allowed vlan list? (Choose two)

A. switchport trunk allowed vlan 81-121 remove 98,100
B. switchport trunk allowed vlan remove 100
C. switchport trunk allowed vlan 81-97,99,101-121

Answer: B C

Question 2
Refer to the output below. Which two effects of this configuration are true? (Choose two)

interface GigabrtEthernet1/1
 description to Accounting Floor A1460-516
 switchport trunk encapsulation dotlq
 switchport trunk allowed vlan 2,4,6,8
 switchport trunk native vlan 2
 switchport mode trunk

A. The device adds an 8-byte VLAN tag to data on VLAN 2.
B. Data on VLAN 2 remains untagged.
C. Data on VLANs 4,6, and 8 remains untagged.
D. The device adds a 4-byte VLAN tag to data on VLAN 2 only.
E. The switch adds a 4-byte VLAN tag to data on VLANs 4, 6 and 8.

Answer: B E

Question 3A question about a configuration with a dot1q enabled trunk port. (Choose two)

A. Supports VLANs 1-4096
B. Does not support tagging native VLAN
C. Dot1q supports tagging 1000 VLANs including the native VLAN
D. ?
E. ?

Answer: A C

Question 4
Which statement describes what a port that is configured as an access port does if it receives an 802.1Q tagged frame?

A. It drops the frame
B. It passes the frame on to the VLAN that the frame is tagged for.
C. It err-disables the port.
D. It removes the tag and forwards the frame in the VLAN assigned to the port

Answer: A


If an access port receives a packet with an 802.1Q tag in the header other than the access VLAN value, that port drops the packet without learning its MAC source address.


In fact this question is unclear because if an access port receives an 802.1Q tagged frame with its VLAN value, the access port will accept it (answer D)

Question 5
Which two requirements for dot1q trunking in IOS are true? (Choose two)

A. the native VLAN must have the same number on each side of the link
B. Spanning-tree PortFast must be enabled
C. The encapsulation protocol must be the same on each end of the trunk
D. MST must be running if extended VLANs are in use
E. ISL must be enabled on the same link

Answer: A C

Question 6
Which two statements about 802.1Q are true? (Choose two)

A. The header is found within the Ethernet trailer.
B. Each frame contains a 12-byte VLAN identifier field.
C. When it is enabled, the minimum Ethernet frame size is 68 bytes.
D. It inserts a 4-bytes tag field to the Ethernet frame.
E. Trunking devices add an 8-byte VLAN tag to all VLAN packets.

Answer: C D


802.1Q frames are distinguished from ordinary Ethernet frames by the insertion of a 4-byte VLAN tag into the Ethernet header. The DATA field may vary from 46 to 1500 bytes. Therefore the minimum Ethernet frame size is 68 bytes (6bytes + 6bytes + 4 bytes + 2 bytes + 46 bytes of DATA + 4 bytes) while the maximum size is 1522 bytes.